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Baby Dinosaurs

Baby Dinosaurs


This is another collection designed by our artist Rachel, when we suggested baby dinosaurs she immediately understood our direction and created 12 cute and cuddly dinosaurs. The end result once they were embroidered was stunning. We went in a slightly different direction with this collection; each dinosaur comes in three versions, a large and small applique and a stitched design. The project we created is a wall hanging that contains 4 of the dinosaurs. There is an additional tutorial included on the CD-Rom called “Baby Tutorial” This tutorial demonstrates how to embroider applique designs, it also includes pattern and ideas for quilts, diaper bags, bumper pads and other baby projects. We chose a flannel for the background and an assortment of colors of felt for the appliques of the dinosaurs. We wanted to give the completed project a bright look and the brightly colored felt fabric did the job.


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