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The 50 States Collection

The 50 States Collection


We are excited to present our new 50 States collections. These designs were all hand drawn and digitized for each and every state. The designs contain beautiful appliques and quilt designs combined with state cities and landmarks along with the state bird and flower. There are 10 designs in each collection that are divided between quilting and embroidery. The states can be combined together for big projects or can be used individually. 

Each of the 50 States will come with:

Quilt Designs - comes 3 sizes each

All the quilt designs are Mix & Match compatible and each state can be combined together to create a large project. 8" x 12" composite.

a. 8" x 8" - state outline
b. 4" x 8" - city names
c. 4" x 8" - folded fabric
d. 4" x 8" - stars
e. 4"x 4" - grid
f. 4" x 4" - folded fabric

Standard Designs -comes in 2 sizes each

a. 8" x 12" composite
b. State bird and flower
c. State outline

This collection comes in a special package that includes a full color book and design CD-ROM.
Will be released August 2014.

This collection is valued at $1249.50  Preorder Special $399 Expires July 1, 2014

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